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Hit the Gas: On Ethereum’s mushrooming transaction fees

Over the past two months, transaction fees on the Ethereum network have **ballooned **amid the proliferation of decentralized finance solutions and so-called ‘yield farming’ platforms. In our latest Pro report - available to all [Sanbase Pro]( subscribers - we explore how the DeFi fever affected the day-to-day interactions with the Ethereum blockchain, and highlight the** biggest culprits** for the ongoing network congestion issues. Read the whole report: [++](

Introducing our new Uniswap Dashboard!

We're excited to debut our brand new [Uniswap]( Protocol Dashboard! Get real-time data on $UNI token distribution, total amount claimed, amount of UNI sent to exchanges after claiming, top token transactions, and more. Let us know what other metrics would be helpful and we'll add them to the dashboard in the coming days! Check out the dashboards live: [](

We're LIVE - come talk crypto with us! 📈

We're LIVE on both YouTube and Twitch to discuss what's been happening in the crypto markets! Join us on our weekly 'This Week in Crypto' call, and feel free to ask us questions about fundamentals, and what to expect next! Link to stream -

Let's talk $UNI! (This Week in Crypto)

We'll be going live on Youtube & Twitch in 30 minutes to analyze the latest on-chain & social activity of $BTC, $ETH, $UNI, and any other assets you want to see! Join our weekly market breakdown using Santiment's data & indicators - []( "")

The Unicorn strikes back

Today, a much-anticipated governance token for the Uniswap protocol (UNI) was officially launched. Almost immediately after, the daily average trx fees on the Ethereum network shot up to a** mind-boggling $11.6 - **its highest level since the SUSHI craze. What is UNI, how do its tokenomics work, and what can we expect from Uniswap in weeks to come? We cover it all in our latest report: [](

New Sanbase Pro report: On the market dip and beyond

As the crypto market looks to recover from the September 2nd crash, a number of important questions continue to linger. In our latest bi-weekly report - available to all Sanbase Pro subscribers - we perform a detailed ‘post mortem’ on the latest market correction, and analyze the behavior of whales, HODLers and speculators for clues on what may come next. Inside, you’ll learn: - Is another sell-off wave incoming? - On-chain parallels between ‘Black Thursday’ and the latest market crash - How sell-side pressure ‘predicted’ post-dump winners & losers - Which coins went from ‘over’ to ‘undervalued’ since the dump? If you’re curious about the market’s response to the September 2nd crash, and where we might go from here, our latest Pro report is a MUST read: [](

What the SUSHI is going on?

While less than a month old, SUSHI has already run the highlights of any coin’s lifecycle: enormous community hype, massive pump (followed by swift price correction), juicy developer drama, blatant copycats and more! If you’ve lost track of the SUSHI saga along the way (and who can blame you) we recently wrote a **handy cheat sheet to get you up to speed** on one of crypto’s most polarizing coins at the moment. Our SUSHI report outlines the platform’s tokenomics, available liquidity pools, ChefNomi drama, main SUSHI competitors and detailed on-chain analysis: > _“Looking at its Holders distribution, we can see that a majority are just using SUSHI as a cashcow, milking it to the max (thanks to generous high emissions incentive) and dumping it daily."_ The report goes on to say: > _A good amount of SUSHI eventually ends up on the exchanges when observing the % of supply in exchanges growing since genesis. Currently 36.76% of supply are on exchanges.”_ Check out the whole thing: [](

A Week in Crypto, as told by Santiment

Each week, the Santiment team and community members share their most interesting findings and analysis using a **combination of our on-chain, social and development data**. On our latest community call, we talk about: - ETH whales accumulating into the drop - Stablecoin data suggests rising buy-side pressure - Supply on exchanges predicts post-dump winners and losers - Audience Q&A (analyzing BAND, AST, SNX and more) All of the tools and metrics featured in the video can be found on [**Sanbase Pro**](**.** Sign up today and get access to all the metrics we discussed and much more! Watch our latest community call:

Signs of 'buying the dip' in stablecoin data?

While the market was still reeling from the September 2nd crash, a number of on-chain metrics pointed to a concerted effort by stablecoin holders to ‘buy the dip’ and re-enter the market at a discount. In particular, the** amount of top stablecoins (USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI) moving to exchanges** ballooned across the board, suggesting a surge in buy-side pressure shortly after the market correction: _“As Bitcoin fell below $10500 for the first time in 40 days, Sanbase recorded a string of major spikes in the flow of ERC-20 Tether to known centralized exchange wallets, with __**1.087 billion USDT moving to exchanges **__in a 24-hour span”_ At the same time, we’ve seen a **simultaneous decline** in the collective balances of large stablecoin addresses, signaling renewed whale activity after months of stable accumulation. What can this mean for the market, and what should you look out for in days to come? Read all about it here: [](

How we timed $YFI’s -25% price correction

What an incredible price run for a coin that was marketed as ‘having no value’. In less than 2 months, the $YFI token has ballooned from an opening price of $1026 to an **all-time high of $38,400 last Monday**, as the DeFi craze continues to sweep the crypto market. Since then, however, the coin has (finally) hit a few roadblocks on the back of some shaky fundamentals including a **sudden surge in YFI’s social volume**, often indicative of ‘peak hype’ and a quickly forming price top. In last week’s report, we broke down the current state of the $YFI ecosystem, and predicted a short-term drop is likely in the cards: > “After a huge run up, it's time to take a small break for YFI until the next leg up. A healthy correction is expected after such a huge run up, and that's actually good, as it finds a base to consolidate for the next move.“ Since publishing our report, the $YFI token has tumbled by more than -24.5% and counting. Read how we saw it coming here: [](