Since 2018, we made numerous contributions to improve $ETH, $ETC, $EOS and have audited over 350 smart contracts, making us the crypto-security industry leader.

$CLO $SOY #Airdrop | Airdrop Every Day 🪂

From today we are going to Airdrop 33 333 $SOY tokens to 1inch users EVERY DAY 🦄 Wanna join in? Just trade or farm any token on 1inch, one transaction is enough to be eligible 🚀 Read our article to participate: ➡️

$CLO #Staking | Cold Staking and POS Staking Comparison

There are plenty of opportunities to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. If staking is one of the most popular ways, several alternatives exist, such as Cold Staking and POS staking. But which one is easiest to earn passive income? 🤔 ➡️

$SOY | High-Profit Cake Farm Incoming

Cake Yield Farming to be launched on Wednesday 1st December at 19:00 UTC on SOY Finance! 🌱 $SOY - $CAKE 🚀 Multiplier Boost: 5x To learn how to transfer your tokens from BSC to Callisto Network: ➡️ [](

$SOY $CLO | $SOY Finance Airdrop Phase 4

500 000 $SOY tokens (300 000 USD worth) Airdrop incoming for 1inch traders 🦄 If you are a [#DeFi]( enthusiast, then you have to join us! => [](

The Callisto Team is growing

We are delighted to welcome Lumir Lindovsky to the Callisto Family! Lumir joined us as Server Infrastructure Specialist. More hires will be announced in the coming days.

Something 🔥 is Coming on SOY Finance!

The DeFi & Crypto communities usually enjoy token burns, so here's some news that should make you, guys, super pumped! Discover how we will burn up to 24 Million $SOY tokens: ➡️ [](

$ETH $ETC $BNB | CryptoBot - Wrapped Tokens Listing

Transfer your Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Binance coins at low cost with CryptoBot wallet and the Callisto Network blockchain! Join our community to learn more: ➡️

$CLO $SOY #DeFi | 1 Month of SOY Farming!

One month ago, we launched the yield farming on SOY Finance 🌱 Meanwhile, we recorded a record growth and reached the top 85 DeFi projects with $10M TVL! 👀 Looking for a high-profit environment to grow your $ETH, $ETC, and $BNB? Join us! ➡️ [](

League of Ancients ( $LOA ) Security Audit.

Are Your Funds Safe? Callisto Network Security Department ( $CLO ) conducted the League of Ancients ( $LOA ) smart contract security audit. Here is the report: 📋 [](

$SOY #NEWS| Already 200 000 USD Raised for the 1st DeFi Insurance fund.$CLO

We are delighted to announce that almost 200 000 USD has been raised to launch the first-ever DeFi insurance fund 🛡 And to allow everyone to take part in the SOY Finance IDO, the wrapped tokens of the following assets are now supported: - (ccETH)[$ETH]( - (ccETC)[$ETC]( - (ccBNB)[$BNB]( ➡️ [](