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Learn more about Lightning Network and its nodes!

⚡ The #LightningNetwork has two kinds of nodes and you can choose which one to use for your #Node! Be part of the change, learn how you can contribute to the growth of the #crypto space. The future is now, are you ready? [](

Bitfinex added eight new trading pairs!

You can now find eight more trading pairs on #Bitfinex! Trading for ATOM/USDt, BAT/USDt, ETC/USDt, NEO/USDt, TRX/USDt, VET/USDt, XTZ/USDt and DOGE/BTC is now available on Bitfinex⬇️ [](

Scheduled maintenance to the Celsius Lending Services

Tomorrow, 14/09/2021, #Celsius will be performing one-hour maintenance to the Celsius lending services. Starting from 6 AM UTC, deposits and withdrawals for Celsius Lending Products will be temporarily disabled on Bitfinex.

📣 Lending Pro is now available in Turkish!

📣 Borç verme stratejilerini otomatikleştirmek için favori aracınız Lending Pro artık Türkçe! 📣 Lending Pro is now available in Turkish! Start using your favourite language and take trading to the next level now⬇️ [](

Oasis (ROSE) will be listed on Bitfinex!

Oasis (ROSE) will be listed on Bitfinex! ROSE (mainnet) deposits are now open. Trading for #ROSE on #Bitfinex will start from 15/09/21 at 09:00 AM UTC. Oasis can be traded with US Dollars (ROSE/USD), #Tether tokens (ROSE/USDt). Discover more about ROSE listing⬇️ [](

➕ Oasis is coming!

➕ Oasis is coming! Keep following #bitfinex social channels to discover when #Oasis (ROSE) will be listed on Bitfinex 👀 and the available pairs.

⚡ How does #LightningNetwork improve the scalability and usability of #bitcoin?

⚡ How does #LightningNetwork improve the scalability and usability of #bitcoin? Learn more about one of the most exciting projects in the #crypto space and how to use the Lightning Network for your daily transactions. ⚡🚀 [](

Discover what happened at Bitfinex in August

August was amazing at Bitfinex with lots of new features like: 💰 #satoshi mode 🚀Turkish on #Bitfinex 🎨updated default theme Don’t miss out, subscribe⬇️ []( ++

Margin trading for XRP/USDt and LUNA/BTC

Margin trading for XRP/USDt and LUNA/BTC pairs is now available on Bitfinex! XRP/USDT, LUNA/BTC can be traded with a maximum leverage of 3.3x, an initial margin of 30% and a maintenance margin of 15%. Discover more about margin trading on #Bitfinex⬇️ [](

Bitfinex Pay supports Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) authentication!

💰 Bitfinex Pay launches support for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) authentication, allowing users to verify their digital token payments with their U2F security key! 🔐 Find out more⬇️ [](